Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dispersal and Fruit

Mechanically Disperal
D Man drew a tractor for mechanical dispersal of seeds.

Wind Dispersal
D Man drew the sky and clouds with seeds flying through the sky.

Water Disperal
D Man drew the ocean with a counut floating in the water.

Human Disperal
D Man drew a man with a rake planting a seed.
These are all five drawings for Human,Water,Wind,Mechanical, and Animal Disperal.

Fleshy Fruits
Hesperidium ( Orange)
A modified berry.
Its has a leathery skin but not as hard a pepo.

Pepo and Hesperidium are both modified fruits.
We  compared the outer shell of each.
 Fleshy Fruits
It's skin is hard and thick it is called a rind.
Fleshy Fruits
They all have thin skin and the entire fruit is fleshy.
We also talked about Dry Fruits :
Grain or caryopsis
Pods or legumes

This was the end of our fruit study which was Lesson 5 in Exploring Creation with Botany.


SuzyQ said...

This looks like such a great project.
Our kids are really into botany at the moment too!

amy2blessings said...

Thank you, we have fun doing botany, are you doing Apologia?


Mama to 3 Blessings said...

wow - those are great drawings, especially the man! Great job!