Thursday, May 6, 2010

If I could ask God anything!!!

If I could Ask God Anything! By: Kathryn Slattery
ISBN: 978-1-4003-1602-1

Contents of this book.

God- Who is God?
Jesus-What Makes Jesus so Important?
Holy Spirit-Is the Holy Ghost really a Ghost?
The Bible- What are the Ten Commandments
Christianity-What is Faith?
Prayer-Do I have kneel when I pray?
The Church-What is Baptism?
Christian Seasons/Holidays-What is Holy Week?
Being a Christian Here and Now-What is Tithing?
Being a Christian Forever and Ever-Is Hell real?
Big Questions-Why do people hurt other people?

These are some of the questions in this book. This book has a wealth of information to understand the bible more clearly.

Our Children ask alot of questions. We don't have answers to all of there questions. That's why we have books like these to help us with answers to there questions. This book brings clarity to some of the questions they have.

This is how I used this book:

Every morning I asked a question to our 7 year old son and our 4 year old daughter listens in too. I tried to let him answer before I read him the answer. Most of the time he knew the answer but this book gave him clarity and more understanding what the question was asking.

My 7 year old was pondering everything I was reading to him and he would then ask me another question from a question.

This book allowed his heart to examine what we were reading and want to learn more about who God is.

I would recommend this book for all ages as a child is never to young to learn about Our Mighty God.


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