Sunday, August 26, 2012


I was chosen to make a difference in a Senior Citizen Life #CBias, I am so excited especially because I take care of a Senior Citizen Couple.

 TCBY is my favorite Frozen Yogurt. I used to go to the TCBY in our town and get the parfait. My husband and I first date or dessert was at TCBY. I was so sad when they closed down. I'm delighted to know that Walmart carries TCBY frozen yogurt. 

I love that we have a healthy alternative to ice cream and that we also get proboitics with every bite. 

We started our party first by going to Walmart to purchase our TCBY frozen yogurt. We purchased four of the TCBY products ( chocolate fudge bars, classic vanilla sandwiches, 1 Vanilla Quart and 1 Cookies and Cream Frozen yogurt) to honor our senior citizen's. 

I have more picture's at My Google Plus Story

Our shopping is completed and here we are checking out. Our Senior Citizen friend has Celiac Disease so she can't eat wheat or gluten so we purchased special cookies for her so that we could make TCBY Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free Cookie Sandwich for them. 

Our very own "TCBY Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free Cookie Sandwich".

"National Senior Citizen Day"

Our sweet couple.
Every week I go over to there house and prepare meals them. This day I brought them some of our meal which I do often. After they were done with there meal it's time to party with TCBY Frozen Yogurt. I explained the calorie count and that it has 7 probiotics in each serving and what probiotic do for your gut. They were very interested in TCBY Frozen yogurt. 

Our sweet friend with her TCBY Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free Cookie Sandwich.
She said it was delicious!!!!!

Our other sweet friend that is enjoying his TCBY Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free Cookie Sandwich. 
I left the Vanilla Frozen Yogurt for them to have for dessert for a future date. 
They both enjoy company so it was my honor to be Honoring Seniors with TCBY yogurt.  

I decided to go to our Senior Citizen neighbors and deliver TCBY frozen yogurt. 
She was delighted to have company but also to have a fresh treat of classic vanilla sandwiches.

Our last stop was my Father and Mother in Law house to have them try the Chocolate Fudge Bars. My Mother in Law loved the Chocolate Fudge Bars. I left a box for them at there house to honor them on this National Senior Citizen Day!!!!

Another true success to giving back to our community. I'm so honored to serve our senior citizens, many have sacrificed alot for us. Honor your Senior Citizens everyday, maybe a phone call, a card, a smile. Whatever you do Honor them. 

“I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and TCBY #CBias #SocialFabric #TCBYGrocery”


Thank you to MomSelect for letting us have a Mommy Party with the Gutzy Gear. 
Our children were so excited when we received the Gutzy Gear which are for your backpacks. 
We had two parties the first one is with Ducky's best friend. As you can see they were so happy to receive the Gutzy Gear for there backpacks. We home school but we do carry backpacks for when we car school or have doctor's appointment's, etc. 

Gutzy Gear is a clever idea, first each child gets two strap covers, one for each of there straps on there backpacks. They put on there strap covers on there backpacks. 

Gutzy Gear can be used on a Messenger Bag,Scooter,Guitar Strap and Fishing Poll. And I'm sure you could think of many other. That's so cool, Gutzy Gear has many uses. 

Gutzy Gear is a great, new way to express yourself by customizing your backback, sports duffel, messenger bag, and more! Gutzies are cool looking removable patches. Gutzies stick to a Gutzy strap cover that you put wherever you want to go Gutzy! With 56 Gutzies in a series and new Gutzies constantly being introduced, you can collect and trade a world of Gutzies. But Gutzy Gear is even more… Gutzy Gear is a lifestyle! Gutzy Gear is about showing the world who you are, taking chances and being the best YOU you can be. So wherever you are, whenever it is, whatever the plan…

Gutzy Gear is Fun and a change for there backpacks. 

Each child got patches for there strap covers which are Velcro. They were all different designs( hearts, ice cream cone,popcorn,flower and many more). 

 They can trade them,collect them, and change them. 

Transform there backpack with Gutzy Gear.

DMan and Ducky with there Gutzy Gear and ready for homeschooling!!!

DMan's and Ducky's backpacks. 

This is the start of our second party. Here we are playing the Gutzy Gear Matching Game. Each child took turns turning over the Gutzy Gear pieces to try and find the match. When they found a match they had to say Gutzy Gear!!!!

Here what the matching pieces looked like. 

We then played Gutzy Gear Bingo, I would call out the picture on my card and they would have to fill up there row and say "Gutzy Gear" when they got a Bingo. They seemed to really enjoy playing these games. 

Then the children got there Gutzy Gear and they loved them so much and enjoyed putting the patches on there backpacks. 

Here is another child putting on her Gutzy Gear. 

Gutzy Gear are for all ages and all genders. There is something for everyone. 

So cute and fun to put on the Gutzy Gear on there backpacks. 

I'm honored that MomSelect would select us to do the Gutzy Gear Mommy Parties. I'm feel so blessed to give,serve and love others through Gutzy Gear!!!!

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Please check out there website for the other patches for there strap covers at: Gutzy Gear

All opinions are my own.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Thank you to Orb Factory for letting us review the NEW ARRIVAL Magnetic Mosaics.

Create geometric forms, complex patterns, magnetic pictures, and more! It’s never been easier to immerse yourself in a world of color and shapes.
Explore shapes, colors, and patterns in a simple hands-on way. These educational kits are reusable, great for travel, and wonderful for stimulating creativity.
From funky magnetic hexagons to rainbow colored cubes, develop a passion for patterns and create beautiful designs over and over again.
Each kit comes with a magnetic board and clear template sheets that are numbered by color to put the foam magnetic pieces onto the board to make a design. 

These are the foam pieces to put onto the magnetic board which are magnetic themselves. 

We spend alot of time at gymnastics and we bring different items to gymnastics for Ducky to play with and do. Ducky had spent hours doing the magnetic mosaics and of course loved it. The Magnetic Mosaics JR helps Ducky to use her creative side. 

One thing I noticed is that this Magnetic Mosaics JR is very portable and can be used anywhere which is good for travel or just to keep the children quiet during an important meeting or doctor's appointment. Also it's so portable that it will fit on the side of your car door or inside your purse depending on the size of your purse. I don't carry a big purse but it's still fits. We travel alot for gymnastics and I know that we will using the Magnetic Mosaics JR alot. 

I love that Orb Factory offers a portable but a fun creative product. The Magnetic Mosaics JR is designed for hours of fun for ages 5+. The price for the Magnetic Mosaics is only $9.99 which is also a great birthday present. I love that they can recycle by doing it over and over which saves me money in the long run:)

We are very pleased with The Magnetic Mosaics JR by Orb Factory.

Please check out there others creative products at Orb Factory

We are so blessed to have reviewed the Orb Factory Magnetic Mosaics JR, Thank you so much:)

Would you like to win The Magnetic Mosaics Jr?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Thank you to Mom Select and Hearts for Hearts/World Vision for letting us review the Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll.

What if you could change the world just by buying a doll? You can, with Hearts For Hearts Girls™ dolls!

Hearts For Hearts Girls is a charitable doll line and fashion collection from Playmates Toys that seeks to empower girls to become agents of change in their communities, their countries and around the world. The line features eight dolls inspired by real girls from real places all over the world. Each authentically dressed and lifelike doll has her own story to share and is working to change her community in ways unique to her home country. You can learn more about Hearts For Hearts Girls by visiting

There are so many positive messages related to Hearts For Hearts Girls, helping to unite girls internationally through the dolls and to learn about the lives of girls in other nations. Most importantly, it teaches young girls about the concept of giving back. A portion of each doll sale is donated to a non-profit organization that helps children from that doll's country. Playmates Toys is working with non-profit partner World Vision to make this possible.

There are six Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls that can be purchased at

Our daughter was so excited to have our very first Hearts for Hearts Tea Party with her friends. First thing we had to do was send out invitations to all of our daughter's friend's.

I told the parents what they would be getting at the party and what the party was for so they would have a better understanding before the party. 

Ducky with the two Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll, one is for her and one is to raffle off at the party. Ducky was so excited it was so hard to pick just one because they are adorable and with purpose behind them.

Ducky chose Nahji from India. I like that they explain about there culture. They give you a map of where they live which gives you geography. Each doll comes with a friendship bracelet,comb and storybook for your daughter. 

Here is a little about Nahji:

Experience a girl’s life in exotic India with our Nahji doll! Like all Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls, Nahji stands 14 inches high and has a poseable, smooth vinyl body, and high-quality rooted hair for hours of doll play. Her brown eyes gleam with amber glints and her hair is a sweeping fall of rich coffee brown.
Nahji comes dressed in a tunic of bright fuschia-colored crinkle cotton, trimmed in white appliqué, and lavender leggings with deep hems of embossed gold print.
Accessories include:
  • Braided purple choker with pearl-like pendant
  • Drop earrings of simulated pearl and emerald
  • Removable beaded pearl headband
  • Golden bangle bracelets
  • Hand tattoo inspired by the henna mendhi of India
  • Purple strap sandals
  • Doll-sized hair comb with hair elastic
  • Girl-sized H4HG power bracelet
  • Beautiful mini storybook about Nahji’s life
  • Jeweled nose piercing

There are six Hearts for Hearts Girl Dolls that can be purchased at

We were very excited about the party because we love that we are giving back by sharing this information about Hearts for Hearts and WorldVision

Ducky with her new doll from Hearts for Hearts!!!
"NAHJI" from India

Each girl at the Tea Party received a passport,friendship bracelet, coupon for $5 off a Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll and I added a special touch of make your own sugar scrub. 

All the girls arrived dressed to a tea for the Hearts for Hearts Tea Party. 
Ducky and her friend that totally loved the Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll. 

Our Tea Party was centered on HEARTS. Sending our love across the world. 

Heart Tea Sandwiches

Our girls at the Hearts for Hearts Tea Party. 

More Hearts:>

My husband stopped by for a little bit. Surprise. 

All of the children that were at the party. 

The other Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll was raffled off and I'm going to take the money and give it World Vision. World Vision is dear to my Heart because we sponsor a child that lives in Africa. 

Here are all the moms that want to help change the world one heart at a time:>

Ducky's friend with "Nahji"

Another One of Ducky's Friend's with "Nahji" 
They ALL loved the Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll. 

I told you that we raffled the Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll off to one winner well this little one won the raffle and she was so excited. She won the Hearts for Heart Girl Doll from New Orleans her name is Lauryce. Here is a little about her:

Head south to celebrate the Creole heart of New Orleans with our Lauryce doll! Like all Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls, Lauryce stands 14 inches high and has a poseable, smooth vinyl body, and high-quality rooted hair. She has flowing, wavy locks of honey blonde, gold-green eyes, and a warm medium-tone skin.

Lauryce wears a sleeveless dress with a ruffled grey jersey bodice and a satiny skirt in watercolor pastel tones.

Accessories include:
• Silvery heart-shaped earrings
• Colorful bangle bracelets
• Silver-tone heart bangle bracelet
• Wide polka-dotted hair band
• Hot pink slip-on mocassins
• Doll-sized hair comb
• Girl-sized H4HG power bracelet
• Beautiful mini storybook about Lauryce’s life

All of the parents were very impressed and were very inspired with what Hearts for Hearts and World Vision were doing. This was a great Tea Party because it had a purpose behind it

And that is to Change the World One Heart at a Time!!!!!

I was selected to be a MommyParties host as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own.)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

History Late 1800's to Early 1900's

We took a tour at our local Late 1800's and Early 1900's Village. Our children thought that the school room was so cool. They have never been in a school before. They really did live a very different live then we do today. It makes me want to live in those days for the simplicity. 

D Man in the school room, so excited!!!

This desk was the only desk that survived a Hurricane in a storm.

D Man and his friends sitting in the pew that the old church. 

This is an item you won't see often these days,maybe in some churches.  An organ.

"The Marriage Creed"

Could you imagine getting up in the morning and having to pump all of your water for showers,dishes,etc. I'm thankful for our water:)

Ducky pumping the water for the day:)

The Church, the only thing is they didn't have a steeple on the top of the church. 

There were many other things we saw that day that were amazing. We had a great time going back into time!!!