Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Minoan Civilization-Lesson 12 ( 2200 B.C.)

The Minoans were named after one of their rulers, King Minos.
The picture below shows them bull-leaping this was there sport of choose, it was like gymnastics.

The Minoan Civilization lived on the island of Crete near southern Greece.

They are not sure what happened to Minoan Civilization.
There are many theories:
One of them is that there was an volcano that wiped out the Minoan Civilization or maybe it was a tsunami or maybe a earthquake. I guess we aren't suppose to know, This is Mystery of History.

Putting God Back in the Holidays...

I love this book, I heard about on the radio and bought right away.

 The chapter on Christmas, it talks about welcoming the Lord to Your Home for Holidays.
They say that every year they have a dinner at the beginning of the holidays and they leave a chair out and place setting for Jesus. You set out your fine china and have a party with Jesus. You give every aspect of your holiday season to him. We did this and I believe it really helped to keep our perceptive about the holidays, it's not about the stocking,tree,santa,presents etc. It about our Savior that was born for us. I hope you will ponder this post and think about what Christmas really is.

 Our Christmas Tree
Our star represents the Star of Bethlehem.
Have a Blessed Christmas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Photos

Aren't they cute. The really do love each other.

My handsome boy

My beautiful girl.

Every year we take individual photos
of our children. Here are a few, the rest are
for Christmas... See you then.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our 10 Year Anniversary!!! 11/11/2010

Our 10th Year of Marriage!!!!
My husband surprised me with taking me to the mall to get my wedding band and engagement ring fixed. The wedding band had been bent, I don't know what happened,really. The engagement ring hasn't fit since we had children. It will be so nice to have it back on my finger in a couple of weeks. Then we checked into the hotel we had our reception which had a oceanfront on the 7th floor, it was beautiful!!! There was chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in the room when we got there. Then we went out to dinner at Outback.
Outback for Dinner

Our hotel

Our Room

Chocolate covered strawberries and Champagne.
I got us Fritos and Bean Dip, we ate ALOT of this on our honeymoon.  

Me and My Lovely Husband:)

Sunrise from our room

Our View



My husband and I.

Our Room from the beach.

This is on our way out.

Thank you to a wonderful husband that has been there for me and our family.
I couldn't have asked for a better man.
Happy Anniversary to My Husband.
Many Blessings to our years to come.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tea Party!!!

 Ducky dressed up for our tea party.
A table set for 6 girls, Charlotte Mason stress' the importance of having a tea party everyday at 3 like they do in England. Well we don't always have the time for that because we eat dinner at3:30/4:00 because we have gymnastics at 4:30. So every few months I will have a Tea Party for the Girls.

D Man was our helper, he brought the food out to the girls, helped serve the moms there tea, pulled chair out for the girls and cleaned up afterwards. This teaches D Man how to be a gentleman and to have a servant heart. I think this is priceless education.

D Man pushing his sisters chair in for her, How sweet!!!

I always do some kind of craft, which is always different. This time we made paper flowers.
We read God's Little Princess, and some other books. I also made the girls a lapbook at being a princess and we put it together.

A princess is always brave,caring,smart,polite and kind:)

Ephesains 4:32
Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Me on Monday!!!


1. What is your favorite pie?
2.Have you ever run out of gas in the car you were driving?
3. How languages do you speak?
4. Do you take daily vitamins?
5. What is your worst eating habit?

1. Pumpkin Pie
2. No
3. Only One,English
4. I drink a protein shake with vitamins in it.
5. Chocolate and Diet Coke.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pumpkin Gospel By: Mary Manz Simon

Wash me until I am clean and whiter than snow, Psalm 51:7

Now you are set free from sin,Romans 6:18

Our God, you bless everyone whose sins you forgive and wipe away, Psalm 32:1

Shout praises to the Lord!!! Psalm 149:1

You are like light for the whole world, Matthew 5:14

Act like people of the light and make your light shine, Ephesians 5:8,9

I love this book because its talks about how God forgives us for our wrong doing's and that we have a new start and that we are to let our light shine.

We meet with our home school group and we did a story plus a craft, we made leafwreath's.

 Ducky putting her wreath together, I had her write different fall words on the leaves.
Thank you Nicole at
for our craft.

Early Egyptians-2575-2500BC

I wrapped D Man up as a mummy.


 The Peach State
 I made peach cobbler. These are pictures of before and after.


We have studied all the continents but North America, this our last stop on our journey through the world.
 We have them outline the state that we are studying, color the full state, color the state seal and the flag.
Here D Man drew the State of Florida and the State Flower, The Orange Blossom.