Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Thank you to Draw and Write through History for sending us the drawing curriculum to do with our children. 
 Bring life back to books with the Draw and Write Through History series!  These creative teaching books take your students on an exciting, hands-on adventure as they Draw, write, and retain their world history!  This series of creative and educational childrens’ books is a great supplement to ANY history curriculum.
◊ Chronological, including Biblical history.
◊ Aimed at ages 8+, but adaptable for younger students.
◊ Student friendly!  Starting with Creation, our books teach children how to draw things from history.  Each drawing is broken down into steps, and each step is done in color.  After each section there is a page of cursive handwriting copywork about that time period.
◊ An excellent supplement to ANY history curriculum!
◊ Whether you use the classical, Charlotte Mason, or traditional
text-book method, your students will retain more of what they have learned by drawing and writing about each time period.
◊ Great for homeschool or private school classrooms!
◊ Great birthday presents for children who love to draw!
Draw and Write through history is a great addition to our history curriculum because it gives our children a exciting way to bring history to life on a piece of paper. As a home school mom I watch and learn what our children's learning style is. And that's why I contacted Draw and Write through history because it's not your ordinary reading of text but rather visualizing the image your head for that time period backed up by some reading.  Our children are getting to use there creativity with history which makes history fun and exciting at the same time. Our daughter is very artistic and loves art so much so I have to do some creative fun in our homeschool day. Draw and Write through history offers several different time periods for exciting learning in your home. Even if you don't home school this program is a great way to learn history. There is an added bonus, the cursive writing throughout the book. Our daughter has not done any formal handwriting program and she caught on very quickly. Love,Love these books and can't wait to buy more!!!!!

The top pictures are our sons, He is 10 years old.
The bottom pictures are our daughter's, She is 8 years old. She just turned 8. 

When we studied Paul Revere, we drew him on his horse. Draw and Write through history goes step by step through the process on how to draw Paul Revere. Also they have a section with a little paragraph about Paul Revere. The book is set up like that for every drawing. 

The American Revolution
The Declaration of Independence 

This drawing was when we studied Squanto. I love how our children's creative side is very different but they are drawing the same thing. 
The Pilgrims Sail to the New World:

This drawing was when we studied Pirates.
The Golden Age of Piracy:

This drawing was when we studied Christopher Columbus.
Christopher Columbus Discovers the " New World"

 This drawing was when we studied Dutch Windmill
The Pilgrims Sail to the New World:

These are some drawing from another Draw and Write through history book.
The Vikings,the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
AD 793-AD 1600's 

This drawing was when we studied Samurai
The Samurai of Japan

This drawing is when we studied Robin Hood.
The Middle Ages

This is also from the Middle Ages (There Princess). 

Thank you again to Draw and Write through history, we are blessed to receive such a great addition to our home school curriculum:)


Nikki said...

That is such a fun way to explore history. Love the drawings!

Mama to 5 said...

This book looks awesome and great for homeschooling. Your kids are very gifted and draw wonderfully. Thank for such a great review . I will have to look into these books for our next homeschooling year.

Just Short said...

I love that art and history come together in these lessons. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Tempel said...

Your kids are such great little artists. Having them draw seems like a great fun way to help them learn.